Better Than Wood!

Concrete Lumber Gallery

Why buy Concrete Lumber?                                  Endless Possibilities.....

  • Fire Proof
  • Low Maintenance
  • Chemical and Splinter Free
  • Stronger than Wood
  • Will not Rot
  • Durable with Limited Warranty
  • Affordable
  • Field Applied Finishes
  • Planks Span 2 Times Wood and 4 Times WPC
Beams, Joists, Posts, Planks, Baffles, Stair Treads, Trusses, Lintels, Rafters, Headers, Landscape Ties, Trellis, Arbor, Sound Walls, Fencing, Piers, Docks, Piles, Pedestrian Bridges and Boardwalks. Concrete Lumber Products are manufactured for Concrete Lumber Company by our exclusively licensed, regional production facilities such as the plants in NJ, OH, NC, FL, CO.  Additional regional facilities in WA and CA are expected on-line in 2014.