Better Than Wood!
New Jersey

Concrete Lumber Company Facilities

At Concrete Lumber Company we manufacture and sell Structural Concrete Lumber building products. Our products are stronger and last longer than composites or treated wood of comparable size. Our engineered, factory-made products won’t rot or burn, and they’re a light weight, chemical-free, low-maintenance, affordable alternative to steel framing, laminated veneer lumber (LVL), glulams, engineered framing or treated wood. Concrete Lumber products can be drilled, screwed into and cut with power tools using standard masonry blades and bits and assembled with standard hardware. It can be stained or coated in virtually any color or pattern. Concrete Lumber products are protected by Patents US #6,971,784, US #7,563,017, US #7,875,231, US #8,297,026 and SA #2012/07651. Other U.S. and Foreign Patents are pending.

Concrete Lumber products are manufactured for Concrete Lumber Company by our exclusively licensed, regional production facilities such as the plants in New Jersey, Ohio, North Carolina, Florida and Colorado.  Additional regional facilities in Washington and California are expected to be on-line in 2014.